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Why Are Your Children Buying Houses for Ben Bernanke?

 I ran into this batch several months ago but hadn’t had time to play with them till now. What I found shocked me so badly that I ran them three times on a calculator and once using exponents. As you’ll see below, these are “Oh my God” numbers.

Here are facts:

The average US house sells for about $300,000, and the Federal Reserve is buying $40 Billion dollars’ worth of mortgages per month. (If that sounds like a bunch of numerical gobbledegook to you, please hang on for just a moment.)

The Fed has been very public about this, by the way. They explain that they are purchasing “mortgage-backed securities” (for your safety, of course), and they surround the discussion in financial-speak. But, in the end, they are buying houses, plain and simple. It’s all there, for those who wish to check.

Now, here are those numbers:

$40,000,000,000 per month, divided by $300,000 per house = 133,333 houses per month.

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