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Benton Bribery Scandal Compromises Rand Paul 2016? (w/Video)

This just in, Jesse Benton, former Chairman of the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign has found himself mired in an alleged bribery scandal stemming from claims he initiated payoffs to structure the resignation of Bachmann Campaign Chairman Kent Sorenson during the 2012 election. On December 28, 2011, the tides in the presidential election seemed to shift when Iowa State Senator and Campaign Chairman for Michele Bachmann for President, Kent Sorenson resigned from Bachmann’s campaign during the 2012 Iowa Caucuses and endorsed 12-term congressman Ron Paul, instead. While this event did not significantly affect the outcome of the election, Sorenson’s endorsement of Congressman Paul is now drawing heavy scrutiny after e-mail conversations and memos were released exposing a financial proposal of over $200,000 for Sorenson’s defection from the Bachman campaign.

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