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Who’s too crazy to own a gun?


I see where retired astronaut Mark Kelly and his wife, brain-damaged former Arizona Congresscritter Gabrielle Giffords, are criss-crossing the country, traveling with an extended staff “resembling that of a political campaign” in private planes and helicopters, trying to stir up state-by-state support for more laws designed to make it harder for law-abiding Americans to buy and keep guns — part of a planned $20 million fund-raising effort by their “Americans for Responsible Solutions.”

Yes, I know those crying for ever more rigorous “background checks” and other permits and fees say making things harder for law-abiding gun owners is not their goal.

And if you believe that, be sure to also write your name on your luggage when you leave it behind to board the cattle cars at the train station, so they can forward it to you in the “resettlement” camp. 
 To a wealthy white person, it sounds like no big deal to be required to take a $100 “safety” course offered at your local suburban gun store, then drive to some police facility during business hours to get fingerprinted and pay another hundred bucks apiece for “permits,” “background checks,” etc.

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