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9 Cities In America Running Out Of Water

 Everyday we take for granted the fact that we turn on the faucet and an unlimited supply of blue gold is delivered to our door step.

Unfortunately that day may soon come to an end as the water supply in many U.S. cities are dangerously low due to extreme drought. I can only imagine the future where water restrictions will dwarf the regulations you see today.

Below are 9 examples of different cities that are running dangerously low on water, hopefully you don’t call one of these cities home.

9. Santa Fe, N.M.
> Extreme drought coverage (2013): 76.7%
> Exceptional drought coverage (2013): 16.7%
> Population: 89,284

The entirety of the Santa Fe area has been in a state of exceptional drought — the worst possible type — for the past five weeks. Already, the area has been consistently under extreme drought — the second-worst level — since mid-February.

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