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Aquaponics: Introduction And Applications

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My Students: Financial meltdown, world food shortages, record high unemployment...not much in the news today to lift a student's spirit, is there? Seeing no hope & their constant hunger is what this project will solve: How to grow their own food & have a model program to show the world how to as well...!

Some of my students wouldn't give a second thought to put a gun to your head for a pair of NIKE shoes, while others are ones that would inspire you to believe there really IS hope for the future. The state of Nevada, as well as the federal government, has cheated these youth's dreams & opportunities by crony capitalism, bankster corruption, and a promoted welfare state mentality that programs them to believe there are only two choices: crime or food stamps....instead of working to develop their own sense of self worth to be independent. Given a chance, these kids could change the world - even though some of them are juniors and seniors in high school with the reading level of a 3rd grader, they can still learn to see the symbiotic relationship between fish and plants, and learn skills to work with both of the kingdoms to produce food for themselves and others. I'd rather see them grow their own food than breaking into your home to steal yours when a disaster comes, wouldn't you...?

My Project: Students will build & maintain an Aquaponic Eco-system - teaching them to raise their own fish & grow their own vegetables for food. This will allow them to: (1.) Learn a skill that will be necessary in the future, for themselves and society (2.) Learn the symbiotic relationship between fish and plants (3.) Learn skills that can provide services for local businesses, such as specialty agricultural products for restaurants and food stores (4.) Learn practical skills so they may consult others WORLD WIDE who will later join this rapidly growing method of food supply (5.) Take pride that they are growing healthy natural fruits & vegetables & raising fresh fish by themselves (6.) Have a more healthy diet by consuming the food they grow (7.) Humans take natural pride in having something made with our own hands, yet modern society has separated us from the tasks that allowed us to do this - such as baking our own bread, or having our own garden. The project will return this pride.

Not only will this improve the lives of my students within months, when they are able to start eating the food they've grown, but will be a model for nearly every society as aquaponics usually produce plants that: (1.) Grow bigger (2.) Grow up to 3 times faster (3.) Use up to 90% less water. My students will not only learn to create a system that will be more effective to feed themselves in the uncertain future, but will be a process they can share with many around the world to stop world hunger.

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