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In the future we could be launched into space on rails

 But a combination of the two is just what the Slingatron aims to be — and it just might actually send you to space one day.
Just launched on Kickstarter is a project to create a prototype Slingatron. If successful, the small-size Slingatron will be able to launch a one pound payload at 2237 MPH. That's one heck of a slingshot, and it definitely blows the fastest railroad in existence right out of the water.
Of course, a one pound payload is not a cargo capsule. To create a full-scale Slingatron would cost a whole lot more than the project's funding goal of $250,000. A full-scale Slingatron, capable of low-earth orbit launches would have to accelerate its payload to at least 4.7 miles per second, or nearly 17,000 miles per hour.

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