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The FBI can turn on your smartphone's mic and listen to you


Basically, the FBI is hacking people's devices so that they can turn the mic on and listen in on conversations. This is traditionally the sort of stuff reserved for conspiracy theorist websites, folks. And to be fair, the FBI does need to obtain a warrant and there doesn't seem to yet be any evidence of their using these seriously shady tactics against anyone who could remotely be a decent person.

As far as the records show, only members of organized crime, terrorist cells, and child pornographers have thus far been subject to this sort of surveillance.

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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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When I left the U. S. Army Signal Corps as an Honor Graduate in the late 70's, the most important thing I knew was "land line is NOT secure!"  With the advent of cellular phones, I KNEW INSTINCTIVELY that this was NOT a 'secure form of communication' - hell, it was even less secure than traditional land lines.

No matter WHAT 'they' tell you, if it CAN be done, it IS BEING DONE!!!

I mean, come on... get real.


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