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Pat's Product Review: Removable Operator Pack

 But I was good to go, for a week or two without having to resupply, except for a source of water. What was I thinking? My only excuse was, I was young and dumb, and I was actually a lot younger, but a lot stronger back then, too. Today, I have a more sensible BOB for my own use - still working on the wife - she has a pack that is too big, but change comes hard to her.
I live out in the boonies - I'm six miles from one town, and ten miles from another town, with the main road about 3-miles from my digs. We don't have many people who live on our rural road, so whenever I see something a bit out of the ordinary, it catches my attention. For the past several months, I've been seeing a young man, probably in his early to mid twenties, hiking up and down our road, several times per week, with a HUGE backpack on his back. And, you can tell the bag isn't heavy, but it is stuffed - to make it look heavy. Just by the way the backpack carries on him, you know there isn't anything very heavy in there - oftentimes, he has a young teenage boy behind him. I don't know, maybe he his trying to impress the young teen with the monster pack, but it is probably full of clothing - to make it look full and heavy. To each his own, I guess.

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