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IRS Refuses to Answer Congressman on AR-15s for ‘Standoff Capability’ (w/Video)

The IRS has refused to answer Congressman Jeff Duncan’s question on why IRS agents are training with semi-automatic AR-15′s designed for “standoff capability”. Back in May, Congressman Duncan (R-SC) visited the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Maryland as part of his investigation into the Department of Homeland Security’s large scale ammunition purchases. While at the facility, Duncan witnessed eight or nine IRS agents using AR-15′s at a 100 yard indoor firing range, leading him to wonder, “Why in the world do we have IRS agents with long gun capability….why are they training with that….why do IRS agents need that capability?”

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Comment by Ed Price
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The answer is simple... why would the IRS need...

It needs this capability to take out Government leaders who might happen to cancel, repeal, and shut down the IRS.