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Novel CNT-copper nanocomposite delivers a 100-fold increase in current density

 ) With the semiconductor industry still on the path of Moore's law, researchers have already been toying with single-molecule electronics (read more: "Single-molecule nanoelectronics is getting closer to reality") and molecular memory (see: "Storing data in individual molecules") to push miniaturization of electronics to its limit. However, with electrical gadgets and devices getting increasingly smaller and functionally more powerful, the current density flowing through the copper and gold conductors in these devices – which supply power to transistors, switches and memory – has been exponentially increasing. "Currently, technologically, we are at the limits of what copper and gold can deliver in terms of current density and electrical conductivity," Chandramouli Subramaniam, a researcher at the Super Growth CNT - Nanotube Research Center at AIST in Japan, tells Nanowerk. "Therefore, electrical conductors with higher current density tolerance (or current carrying capacity) are in huge demand. Our recent research was motivated to address this demand."

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