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Growing vegetables in a tiny space

 Firstly – expect a lower amount of produce. That said, it still amazes folks how much you can get out of a tiny space.
Some people mix edibles with ornamentals, that might seem the permaculture way, but there are advantages to keeping them separate — like its easier, and you can be more focused while looking good too.

Depending on how much space you have, build between one and three raised beds. These measure approximately 90cm by 120cm. Pretty much any receptacle that will drain freely and hold compost will work. There are plenty of books to help you along - here is one example.  Raised beds can be made on top of paving if they are deep enough (about 50cm will do). Pots, window boxes, old wooden crates, olive-oil tins and the like can be used, as can the new wave of “pop up” waterproof fabric planters, which have the advantage of being easy to store away for the winter.

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