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Kerry: Internet, Instant Communication Making It Much Harder to Govern

•, by Jason Ditz
 Speaking today to officials at the US Embassy in Brasilia, Secretary of State John Kerry delivered comments about the “hardships” facing US diplomacy, saying that a major problem was “this little thing called the Internet.”
Referencing the Internet and “the ability of people everywhere to communicate instantaneously,” Kerry lamented “it makes it much harder to govern, makes it much harder to organize people.”

Though Kerry didn’t single any incidents out specifically in the comments, it is hard to hear this from US officials and not immediately think about the Internet’s role in facilitating whistleblowers like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.

Information control has been an obsession for the Obama Administration, which has been trying to crack down on leaks and move heavy-handedly to restrict access to classified information even after it has already gone public.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Perhaps the biggest threat against the Internet is something like the threat involved with money. Like as money has a central banking system that controls most major money transacting - at least it provides visibility of the transactions to the bankers - so the Internet has the central telephone systems regulating it.

The decentralization of money is occurring with the advent of Bitcoin. Now, with Bitcoin, people can bypass big banking almost entirely in all kinds and sizes of value for value transactions. However, the continued centralization of the Internet through the phone and phone-like systems, is a threat not only to the Internet, but also to Bitcoin, which relies on the Internet.

What is needed is a direct, efficient and effective, wireless way for people to connect, computer to computer. Wi-Fi can accomplish this. However, Wi-Fi is good only to a maximum of several hundred feet. Wi-Fi uses the phone systems to connect to the Internet.

What we need is a good operating method for, say, short wave radio computer communications, computer to computer, so that the centralized Internet can be bypassed or eliminated. And, it must be able to be entirely encrypted as is Bitcoin. Once this is done, the only ways Government or others could control C2C communication would be to jam all the signals, or to SWAT individual users.

The technology is available. We need to start developing and implementing it NOW before Government implements a major take-over of the internet.

If you know anyone who is computer and radio savvy, forward this info on to them so that they can start development.

Comment by Olde Reb
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 do we still wonder why they want control over the internet ??

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