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Study: Near Death Experience Just Surge of Electrical Brain Activity

Researchers at the University of Michigan (UoM) have discovered that the brain does remain conscious after the heart stops beating, which correlates with 20% of persons who have had a near-death experience (NDE). Elizabeth Taylor claimed to have had an NDE. Taylor said: “I was pronounced dead once and actually saw the light. I find it very hard to talk about, actually, because it sounds so corny. It happened in the late ’50s, and I saw Mike (Todd, Taylor’s third husband, who was killed in a plane crash in 1958). When I came to, there were about 11 people in the room. I’d been gone for about five minutes – they had given me up for dead and put my death notice on the wall. I shared this with the people that were in the room next to me. Then after that I told another group of friends, and I thought, ‘Wow, this sounds really screwy. I think I’d better keep quiet about this.’”

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Comment by Ed Price
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Death might not be exactly the mechanism that most people think it is. Death might be the way that the body protects the spirit from the immense shock that would exist if the body were allowed to live beyond what we consider its ability to maintain or sustain life.

In other words, Maybe we don't die when we are "killed." Maybe we don't die because someone blasts our head off and our heart away with a shotgun. Maybe we don't die because of the poison when we are poisoned. Maybe we don't die when we are so sick that the body can't function any longer. Maybe it is something else that causes us to die.

Just possibly, death might be a brain/spirit/soul induced action that is there to protect us from the tremendous pain we would realize, if the body were no longer able to support life in a more or less "comfortable" manner.

Biblically speaking, the soul does not die. There will even be a resurrection, where the body and soul are reunited at the last day. But modern medical science is only starting to slightly acknowledge that there might be such things as a spirit and/or soul. Because of this, we don't even have any clear medical definitions for any of this. So, how do we know that this is not really what is happening?

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