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SWAT Ties Up Students, Blows Out Tires During Bus Hijacking Drill

•, Julie Wilson
 Officials in the small town of Rossford, Ohio, with a population of 6,293 as 2011, felt the need to run a school bus hijacking drill on students who were en route to an event.

School teachers, administrators and transportation directors set up chairs in an empty parking lot as if they were at a social gathering about to watch some sort of entertainment. The “entertainment” that they were about to witness, was a live feed of their town’s schoolchildren being held hostage during a school bus hijacking.

In the drill a strange man armed with a large weapon hijacks the school bus and ties up the frightened teenagers with what appears to be electrical tape.

The hijacking occurred on the other side of town, but the school bus made its way to the parking lot where the crowd was waiting. The audience watched calmly as SWAT moved towards the bus blowing out the tires and “rescuing” the tied up children one by one.
“I didn’t know what was going on, because at the start he was just a normal person and then he pulled out a gun and a mask, and put it all on. Then he started tying everybody down and it just got really scary,” said teenage passenger Justin Klocko.