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Prisoner Released After DNA Clears Him . . . Judge Fires Clerk Who Told Prisoner How To Seek Testing

• Jonathan Turley
.... Kansas Judge David Byrn (left) was the presiding judge in the case of Robert Nelson, 49, who was sentenced to 70 years for a rape that he insisted that he did not commit. Byrn refused repeated requests from Nelson to prove his innocence through DNA testing.  Nelson would have stayed in jail for the 70 year sentence if it was not for the fact that Sharon Snyder, 70, directed a family member to an earlier motion where such testing was ordered.  Using that information, Nelson won the right to the testing and proved his innocence. When Bryn found out it was the clerk who informed him of the earlier successful motion in another case, he fired her just months before her retirement  ....

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Sounds like this black robbed devil needs to go to prison for 70 years.  Maybe after he loose his claim to immunity after Sept 1st This man, the clerk and the PEOPLE will all come together and get this criminal in the black robe put in jail himself with the population.