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PRISM fallout: enter Bitmessage. The world’s most secure messaging platform.

If you are concerned about email and messaging privacy following the fallout of PRISM there are several options available to you. For example, one solution that encrypts instant messaging is the Tor Chat (which is an extension of the Tails Linux Distro). Tor Chat, now in version 2 (Tor Chat2) is very simple once you have it set up. It has basic IM functionality that works over the Tor Network, which in itself is built around privacy. Another possible solution is an add-on for the Pigeon Messaging service called “off-the-record” which works pretty well in encrypting messaging. There are third party email clients like hushmail that have been around forever that also do a good job but the issue there is that you have to work with a third party whom likely will eventually give in to higher authorities when requested to do so. However, our favorite here at Concise Courses is an amazing project called Bitmessage. What is Bitmessage? When it comes to sending secure emailing you could u

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