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This Is How the NRA Ends A bigger, richer, meaner gun-control movement has arrived

• New Republic
What Bloomberg has embarked upon now is nothing less than the construction of a mirror image to the NRA. There is plenty of latent public support for gun control, his logic goes, but politicians only see a risk in voting for it. He wants to reverse that calculation.

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Comment by Henry Bowman
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Keep whistling past the graveyard. If the NRA ever falls, it's going to be because it was replaced by something even more hard-line.

It's always a rush to read the comments written by ignorant liberals who post, "How can any gun owner be against universal background checks?" It shows me that Democrats are uniformly too stupid to read the ACTUAL BILLS and figure out EVERYTHING that they do, not just what the sponsors -- or, God help us, the misleading bill title -- CLAIMS it will do. I could write a bill that ordered the extermination of everybody's pet dogs and cats, and name it "The Veterinary Health Improvement Act of 2013," and when it went down in flames, all the Democrats would be bleating, "How could anybody be against veterinary health?"