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Iowa Officer Beats Woman Because She Appeared “Willing To Fight” . . .

• Jonathan Turley

Crow says that Redell swore at him and “Brandies hands were clenched” and she “appeared willing to fight.” That is clearly not enough to justify such an assault. She is shown upset and agitated but sitting in the chair and crying. That is when Crow lunges at her.

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Comment by Big Iron
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She should sue the officer who initiated the attack and the other officer who aided and abetted the attack against her. In most cases those officers and their entire "chain-of-command" are ALL responsible and can be sued in the "private" (have NO immunity) because MOST "public" agencies, officials, etc. actually do NOT operate in the "public" but in the "private" and do NOT have ANY "public" immunity from prosecution or suit.

See: North Carolina, fall 2012, Rodney Dale Class, who proved in court in a case that he prosecuted himself as a Private Attorney General that MOST so called "public" officials, agencies, services, etc. actually are in the "private". He won BOTH the initial case AND the expected appeal making it a "citeable" case under the law.

As the result the a letter was sent to the Police that warned officers that if they had anything that they wanted to keep they should put into someone else's name,

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Is there any doubt that these nazi drones are the most dangerous element we have in society today? You have more of a chance to be murdered by one of these corporate thugs then trying to get across a 4 lane highway at rush hour blind folded. 

Force and violence is all these drones know, but yet they don't even know what the First Amendment of the Constitution is because if they did they wouldn't be doing what they do on a daily basis across this country.

Take note, that the tyranny they choose to indulge in is being logged, and when they finish all the treasonous dirty work needed by those really in control, they will be the first to go when the shit really hits the fan because their puppet masters know that any one who would turn on their country, the people, and their oath to protect the Constitutional rights of the people cannot be trusted. The examples are littered in the pages of true history, but unfortunately it is almost impossible to show someone the truth when their pay checks depend on them not knowing the truth.

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