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Minnesota Jury Convicts Peaceful Farmer on Five Charges

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Alvin Schlangen sentenced to fines, 1-year probation and 90 days in jail suspended for picking up food that people already own and delivering it to them.

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Whats the name of those that convicted him? Let everyone know who the person,persons that did this to this man.Post pictures of the Idiot(s) all over town.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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A 6 man jury? His Constitutional right was violated right there alone not to mention his civil and inalienable rights.

As far as his conviction is concerned, “The power the AHO, (judge) and prosecutor has over the jury is in direct proportion to the jury’s ignorance.”  Red Beckman

Juries today are either out right ignorant or planted. They haven't a clue that every time they come back with a guilty on these type of cases where it's so obvious what is happening, they are also cutting their own throat. Where was the victim or property damage in this case? Where was the affidavit of complaint and an Article III judge to sign on the charges?  The tyranny is now in every facet of our lives just like all the foreign agents, (attorneys).