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Stop Wars episode V: The Empire Strikes Out… #Bitcoin

Question: you know Vader dies in the movie, right?

Stop Wars episode V: The Empire Strikes Out... #Bitcoin from Satoshi Nakamoto on Vimeo.

I like the concept, but the mid-section at the NH Liberty Fest or whatever with Vader actually felt...kind of silly. I know there was supposed to be humor there -- the IRS isn't evil, it's just a pencil-necked bureaucrat pushing paper (a la "Eichmann in Jersualem" by Hannah Arendt) -- but this was almost cartoonish in comparison to the really great opening credits / setup. Still, LOVE the "Stop Wars" and "Agora Valley" and so forth -- there's only two things guaranteed in this world, my friend: death stars and taxes. ~ US tax payer.
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Comment by Ed Price
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The point is, the only Government is the Government that is strong enough to DO IT.

If there is ONE PERSON who is SO STRONG that the whole army, navy, air force, TSA, Homeland Security, all the police, all the hydrogen bombs, and the whole military war machine of the whole world, including all the civilians, can't stop, then that ONE PERSON is the Government.

No matter who the government is, you have a choice to make. The choice is to become part of the Government, or to NOT become part and die instead. This is your choice. Reflect on it.

For the moment, it is uncertain which Government is the strongest. Which is strongest, the Government of Freedom? or the Government of Absolute Dictatorship?

I'll tell you what. If the Government of Freedom wins, you have a chance live to a ripe old age. But if the Government of Absolute Dictatorship wins, nobody knows what your chances are. Why? Because Absolute Dictatorship operates on the whim of Dictator.

Consider Dictator Comrade Stalin. His whims - because of his paranoia - unrighteously took the lives of millions. Most of those millions didn't even know it was going to happen until it did.

In America, here come Obama, the TSA, Homeland Security, SWAT and the police, FEMA. And even the American military is preparing to take over America.

So, what do you choose? to fight for a Government that gives you a chance to live if it wins - FREEDOM? Or to lie down and surrender to a Government of insecurity at best - and probably death for many - ABSOLUTE DICTATORSHIP.

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