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What is the Best Home Defense Weapon?

•, by Jeremy Knauff
 The best weapon is the one you have in your hand when the SHTF. For some people, that may mean nothing more than grabbing a 7 iron when someone kicks in their door, while more prepared people have ready access to firearm. Personally, I home carry, which means my sidearm is holstered on my body anytime I have pants on. It and several other weapons are within arms reach any other time.

Intentionally defending yourself in a life or death scenario with anything less than a firearm, is foolish, so we’ll focus on your choice of firearms to defend your home.

You have a few categories to choose from;

Handguns (semi-auto or revolver) Semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 or AK-47 Pump or semi-automatic shotguns Traditional hunting weapons

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