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Infowars Announces the Grand Prize Winner of Operation Paul Revere


After an exhausting selection process of viewing over 600 films, Infowars is pleased to announce the $100,000 GRAND PRIZE winner of Operation Paul Revere.

Launched back in January, the contest had several objectives.

We wanted to empower you, our audience, with the knowledge that you are the resistance.

You make the difference in the global struggle against tyranny as humanity awakens to its vast potential to scale new heights.

We designed the contest to motivate you to go out there and BE Paul Revere.

By making these films, you didn’t subordinate yourself to the “standards” of the predatory elite.

Rather, you engaged your individuality.

We are also conducting a talent search through all of the contest entries to find passionate film makers who can help us further spread the spirit of liberty.

Here is the Operation Paul Revere Grand Prize winner:


By Chosen Filmworks

Foreign globalists have hijacked the federal government.

To fortify their control, they find it necessary to purge America’s Christians, gun owners, veterans and constitutionalists.

But is everyone at the federal level onboard with their sinister plan?
2nd Place:
Film — American Drone, Operation Paul Revere :

Haunted by a mission gone wrong, U.S. drone sensor operator Calvin Williams begins to feel suspicious about drone warfare and the implications it could have on freedom domestically. When his suspicions turn into reality, he is forced to act.Written and directed by Johan A. du Toit

3rd Place:
Film — Political Earth, Operation Paul Revere:

Political Earth is a satirical mockumentary animation exploring the behavior of our world's "political animals" -- from the federal leviathan to the fat cats of wall street -- all presented in the grand, sweeping, epic style of a BBC nature documentary. This series is narrated by renowned political animal expert and abstract concept DaVoice O'Reason.original link:

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