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New Mexico Supreme Court Rules Photographer Cannot Refuse To Work At Same-Sex Marriage

• Jonathan Turley
The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled yesterday that a photography studio violated the the New Mexico Human Rights Act (NMHRA) by refusing to photograph a same-sex wedding. 

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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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here is the problem the new mexico court system overstepped its authority you cannot force a person to do anything if you care about somebody polictics are sodomite life style it is your right to tell them sorry i am not going to comply with your wishes period you try to force a person to do it you are in fact in violation of violating my rights try just cause some people think they can force this down your throat sorry that dont wash like yesterday i i saw this thing who didnt even resemble a female the voice was a male and its boy friend both were disturbing to me i wear my hair long long haired red neck it stared at me i was carring a clip on knife that shows up to make a statement dont mess with me or else suffer losing something biker style  i dont care about their freaking rights the last time i saw a transvestite was in a bar funny thing it was better looking then this dog boy what to recognize when if its not a female the adams apple men have them women dont  i set at the bar and laughed at the dummy who picked up the transavestite gee what a dummy to be honest here i dont have no use for sodomites when they assaulted you in the past got that 

Comment by Ed Price
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A court judgment can't invalidate an amendment. It must seek to uphold the amendments.

Private contracting has not been abolished. The people have not become federal personnel, except, possibly some who are formally in Government employ. Rather, the people THINK that they are the PERSONS that hold the SS number when in reality it is a Social security PERSON/ ARTIFICIAL ENTITY - the SS account - that holds the number. When the people, out of faulty thinking, act the part of the SS entity, they receive the court results that are being determined for the SS entity.

Social Security has been a major fraud right from the moment it was thought up. It has tricked the people into believing lies about who they are. And now, without a lot of paperwork preceding any activity done by a human being, if law enforcement thinks you are the artificial entity - because law enforcement has been duped into the misunderstanding as well - you just might be in hot water from SWAT if you disobey a Governmental order placed on a SS entity that law enforcement thinks is you when it really is not you.

Comment by Randy Lee
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The crux of the problem is that “private contracting” was abolished when individual people determined to become “federal personell”. Every person with a SS number IS as a matter of law government personell (see def. of fed personell at 5 USC 552 (a) (13)) subject to congressional policy including discriminaton policy. The Court in this case concluded that because the photographer was engaged in a public accommodation they were subject to the law, ie. policy. As a member of the corporate socialist body politic the policies of Congress are binding upon you as a corporate member. As a “public” ‘accommodator, you are no longer at liberty to engage in private contracts with others as you see fit. You are given the illusion that your contracts are “private”, however, because you are acting in the capacity of a federal employee, every contract you engage in is of a public nature, and subject to public oversight. Maybe one day people will realize that socialists aren’t free.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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In the end it all comes down to "... or we'll take your stuff and make you sit in the corner (cell) until we tell you you can get up." 

Comment by Bill Koehler
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Does this decision invalidate the 13th amendment?  After all it is involuntary servitude.  And another thing, will I be required to do my best work?

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Tell NM to go to hell,I`ll work where,and when I feel like it.

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