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2 shot and killed during separate officer-involved shootings

• Billy III
We live at 32nd st. and Greenway Rd. This is the location of the mesa officer involved shooting last night. Last night on August 23rd 2013, we heard approximately 20 shots from the other side of our backyard fence, which happens to border the Los Betos parking lot. Soon we heard from friends watching fox television that no shots were fired. We then heard that a mesa cop executing a warrant in south Phoenix ending up killing the suspect. The next morning we learn that our incident up here in north Phoenix also involved Mesa PD, and a suspect was killed. Both incidents also involved US marshals. Mesa PD killing 2 different suspects on the same night in a city they have no jurisdiction in, should especially outrage Phoenix PD. I am very familiar with the sound of gunshots. I wasn't counting, but somebody fired a dozen or so shots, reloaded, and fired approximately 6 or more shots.