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Turning Deserts Into Carbon Sucking Tree Plantations.

Jatropha curcas can withstand conditions that would make most plants wither, but they’re not magical. They still need water. The scientists propose desalinating water from the sea to irrigate the orchards. This is an expensive and energy-intensive way of obtaining fresh water, but the scientists incorporated that into their cost estimates.

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This site - - is about Navy submarines that traverse underground channels from the Pacific to under the land near Las Vegas, Nevada. So, if the caverns, caves and channels exist from Frisco to LV, why not under Arizona, as well? I think you can find books that will show you that they DO go under Arizona.

The Point? The Mohave Desert's Death Valley is almost 300 feet below sea level. All anyone would need to do is drill a hole down to one of the caves that extends out to the Pacific. Water from the Pacific attempting to find its own level, would shoot out of the DV ground like a fountain. The summer heat of the Death Valley would evaporate the water, leaving behind mounds of sea salt. But the evaporated water, having nowhere to go, would form humid clouds and fogs that would block the sun's rays somewhat, and turn the whole Death Valley into a lush garden region.

I'm sure somebody could find a use for all that sea salt.

I don't see everything that Professor Klein sends to Freedom's Phoenix, but, did I miss the articles about the giants that lived in the Americas anywhere from 500 years ago to 5000 years ago?

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