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Can’t fight the NSA?

Some truth in that, of course. Not only can we not know just what the NSA’s doing and how. But for all we know there could be 15 other secret spy agencies using yet other technologies and methods to poke and prod into our lives. All with the happy cooperation of tech companies like Google, Facebook, Verizon, et al.

We are the first in all of human history to be so totally watched.

I understand and share the complaint that it has become literally a full-time job to know and implement privacy protections. And without Xtreme tech knowhow, it’s a job most of us suck at, besides.

But that’s not a reason to give up.
Yes, we are the most surveilled human beings who ever lived. But we are also the first generation in human history to have such high-tech tools with which to fight back.

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