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Concord's BearCat "For The Children"?

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Report from boot on the ground:


You may or may not have heard, but activists in New Hampshire have been successful in postponing the City of Concord's vote to accept a $260K Homeland Security grant to purchase a Lenco BearCat (Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck) to thwart domestic terrorist threats, including "sovereign citizens, free staters, and Occupy New Hampshire"


We have just learned that Concord School Board will hold a meeting on Wednesday night to discuss an endorsement of the BearCat.  Apparently, Concord's Chief of Police, and author of the grant application, is trying to rally support for the BearCat by arguing it could be used in school crisis situations.


Only residents of Concord will be able to testify at the school board meeting, but you can expect activists rallying outside with signs that read,


Textbooks Not Tanks


Let [Police Chief] Duval Hold a Bake Sale


It's not "For the Children"


In the meantime, we're contacting the members of the Concord School Board and ask that they oppose the BearCAT.  If activists are City taxpayers or past, present, or future parents of a child in the school district they are sure to mention that specifically.  We are also continuing to contact the City Councilors and write letters to the editor.   


When you decide whether to send a letter supporting the Concord Police Department's request to put America another $260,000 in debt, please consider that every dollar borrowed for that purpose can't be borrowed to keep teachers in the classroom; and every dollar borrowed will weigh down our children's opportunities to live full and happy lives.


The change we want to see must come from the local level.  It is one thing to drive a car saying, "I hope for the day that the school has all the money they need and the military needs to hold a bake sale."  It's another thing to stand up for your principles.


What kind of message does it send to our students that they are in constant danger at all times of being attacked and that the military industrial complex needs to be built up literally around them?


Why do we want to literally terrorize everyone for a threat that, terrible as it is, is so remote to be almost laughable?  Concord is a safe city.  New Hampshire is a safe state.  According to the National Safety Council, your chances of being killed by lightening are 1:124,000.  Your chances of being killed in a terrorist attack are 1:20,000,000.

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