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Electric cars are green, and they will only get greener

•, By Sami Grover
 "What about the coal used to charge that electric car?"
It's a common criticism of the electric car. So do the naysayers have a point? 
Electric vehicles are by no means "zero emission" if you look at their entire lifecycle. But as Melissa noted in her post on charging electric cars, these vehicles are still considerably more efficient than most of their gasoline counterparts. This viewpoint is echoed over at Renewable Energy World, where Max Baumhefner of the NRDC and Cecilia Springer of Climate Advisers review the current state of research on electric vehicle emissions. Using the typical mix of sources of the American electrical grid, they conclude, your average electric car emits half the emissions of your average new vehicle. (It still comes out on top when manufacturing emissions are factored in too.)

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