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If You Send Your Kid to a Public School, You’re a Bad Parent

•, Ludwig L. Louthwaite
 Their suggestion that children ought to be subject to 13 years of intensive otherkin sensitivity training (they might also learn how to read) and their resultant recoil at the thought that parents might want to teach their own children otherwise is laughable and tedious. You mean that some parents don’t want to willingly let their children be indoctrinated by a state hostile to their traditional family values?
This isn’t about the quality of the education. It’s a given that the education shall be dreadful. Of course there are exceptions, examples of teachers who actually do care and aren’t sticking around for the benefits and the status. But if public education were adequate for those that can afford better, there wouldn’t be a market for private school. QED.

Allison Benedikt, a person so mediocre and average as to be beneath any better description, recently scrawled a manifesto which claimed explicitly that not sending your children to public school is shameful. You ought to be ashamed, wanting the best for your children! Who wants to guess that our hapless Benedikt is childless? The best for me but not for thee. We’ve heard this before.

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