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Our website functions as:

A free online resource for quality independent information and news. A platform designed to inform us about the world in which we live and the troubles we are faced with today. A curator of current day intellectuals who are moving the
world on a path to liberty, harmony and sustainability.
Ways of using the site :   Discovering Intellect

1. Personal Growth - ( Enlighten, Empower, Evolve )

2. Evolutionary Challenges & Action - ( Educate, Engage )

Whether you decide for the Intellectual Revolution website to be used for your own personal journey, or a call to action is a choice we leave to you.

To understand what an Intellectual Revolution possibly entails we must first grasp two modern definitions of the word Intellect:

Intellect (Dictionary) the ability to reason and understand objectively.

Intellect (Wikipedia) the ability to come to correct conclusions about what is true or real, and about how to solve problems.

Our website's definition of intellect lies in the application of both definitions. We believe that intellect is the ability of the mind to use reason and not emotion to come to knowledge and understanding. However we feel being objective (using reason) is only the first step towards becoming "Intellectual". The second step is what you do with this acquired knowledge and understanding. (engaging in problem solving)

We encourage going beyond objectivity and being the change you want to see in the world. Strip away the illusions and realize your own potential.


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