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President Obama & the Military-Industrial Complex March in Lockstep Into Another Military Debacle

• michael payne, OEN

The large majority of the American people say no, absolutely not; they are joined by a similar majority of the International Community who are in total agreement. Pitted against the wishes of the people of the world, President Obama and the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) are not the least deterred as they march in lockstep into yet another U.S. military debacle.

This president just recently made the statement that his creditability was not on the line but that the creditability of the international community, together with that of America and this Congress was on the line. Nothing like passing the buck and letting others carry the ball in a situation that you yourself initiated.

There's not much doubt that this president has now fully embraced the agenda of the MIC, one that involves the perpetuation of wars and military conflicts that supply a continuous stream of massive profits into their bloodstained coffers. These corporate entities, aka, the members of the defense industry, are entirely dependent upon the continuous production of weapons of war and destruction. The most powerful and profitable are: General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Boeing Co., Lockheed Martin, and United Technologies.

Does Mr. Obama think that whatever he says is absolute, incontestable, and the nations of the world must bow down and comply with his dictates?

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