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Pima Co. agrees to settle over botched SWAT raid

•, By Morgan Loew

In the original claim, Jose Guerena's family demanded $20 million. The family's attorney, Christopher Scileppi, confirmed that the sides has reached an agreement, but that it still needed the approval of the county board of supervisors and the court. He did not say how much the family would receive in the settlement.

At issue was whether an innocent man was killed in the raid, and whether the detectives on the case had done enough investigation to warrant a SWAT team entry.

The raid took place on May 5, 2011 in a housing development outside Tucson. Video of the event shows SWAT members banging on the front door, announcing themselves and setting off flash-bang grenades in the backyard. After knocking down the front door, SWAT members fired more than 70 shots into the home. 

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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More BS on lawsuits. All the frauds they pay out is just what they have robbed and plundered others for. Any real justice would be convictions on all those who took part in this mistaken murder including all their superiors who also sanctioned this crime, but no big deal. We can just pay them off and continue on with our crime spree under the color of law robbing, plundering and murdering anyone we set our sites on with total immunity.


AMERKIA, home of the police state, land of the slave

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