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In Jamaica, a twist on wine tours for pot lovers

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Call them ganja tours: smoky, mystical — and technically illegal — journeys to some of the island's hidden cannabis plantations, where pot tourists can sample such strains as "purple kush" and "pineapple skunk."

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Comment by Sam Fox
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People are becoming more educated on WHY cannabis was prohibited. MJ prohibition is not based on facts. It is based on WR Hurst's greed & fear based misinformation propaganda campaign.

Hurst wasn't even after the smoking variety of cannabis, he was after industrial hemp because he had a lotta $$ tied up in forest lands that produced paper for his news paper.

Hurst's efforts to prohibit industrial hemp has cost the world a LOT of trees. Hemp paper is far superior to wood for paper & 1,000s of pother products. Hemp is also a very excellent carbon scrubber.

So where are the greens when we need 'em? Hemp is an environmentalist's wet dream. :-)

Topics for research on the subject:

History of cannabis prohibition

Uses for industrial hemp

Rx drugs more deadly than prohibited drugs

Henry Ford's hemp car

Cannabis really is a good medicine

Law  Enforcement Against Prohibition

US Founders and Indian Hemp

or a compilation of most of the above in the book

The Emperor Has No Clothes by Jack Herer

The war on some drugs came later & is now more dangerous than the illegal substances. Not a good thing.

The Re-legalization of at least cannabis would save a lot of lives from prison & death. Cartels & gangs kill a lot of innocent folks in their turf wars.Now we have cops killing innocents because of "OOOPS! wrong address again" drug raids.

It is far past time to stop the insanity.


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