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An Open Letter to My Congressman About Syria

 I am writing to encourage you to oppose the proposed resolution authorizing the use of military force in Syria. The Washington Post currently scores you as "undecided" on the resolution; I urge you to get off the fence and make your opposition publicly known.

A U.S. attack on Syria is unwise for several reasons. First, the United States has no vital strategic interests there. Bashar al-Assad's government is clearly a brutal dictatorship, but neither Democratic nor Republican presidents have cared about that before now. Instead, presidents from both parties have cooperated with the Assad regime whenever it seemed advisable to do so. More importantly, helping to topple the regime is likely to turn Syria into a failed state, igniting a struggle for power among competing sectarian factions. Some of these factions are deeply hostile to America and sympathetic to al Qaeda, which means that U.S. intervention could help bring some of our worst enemies to power.

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Comment by Ed Price
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If you want to read the contents of the letter without joining the pay-site, you can still do it, although it will not be as clear of a read as if you join. Here's what to do in the Firefox browser (Internet Explorer and other browser should work in similar fashion.).

In the Firefox browser, click the link in Freedom's Phoenix to go to the linked page. When the page appears, you will see parts of the page on both sides, right and left, of the central, sign-up page, that have been "darkened." Right click one of these darkened areas, and select "View Page Source." The Source page should open. Scroll down almost half way to get to the letter.

There will be a lot of browser scripting in the way, but you will be able to read the letter. If you know a little html scripting, you can copy the letter and paste it into a new document on your desktop... one that you can add html headers and footers to so that you can read the letter in normal browser fashion, right off your desktop.

Comment by Ed Price
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Muslims should be ashamed. But so should so called Christians.

Arab Muslims are descended from Abraham, same as the people of Israel. Here's the difference. Non-Israel Arabs are descended from Ishmael, son of Abraham by his concubine, Hagar. Israelites (often also Arabs) are descended from Sarah, Abraham's wife.

Now that would be okay if the Muslims/Arabs/Ishmaelites believed in the forgiveness of God through the Messiah - like Israelites do. But they don't... if they want to be good Muslims, that is. Muslims believe that you can be good enough to gain Heaven by doing what is right, that is, by working for it.

This is an entirely false concept. It is a concept that attempts to push the God that they formally acknowledge - the forgiving God - away from them. Because of this, their Protection is departing from them. They are open to attacks on every side, and in the end they will even lose Heaven.

Israel, at least, acknowledges the forgiveness of God through the Messiah. They acknowledge it by their formal acceptance of it in their religious acts. Their only problem is that they are turning away from the Messiah because they don't accept Jesus as the Messiah that He is.

Yet, the Israelites are only a step from truly accepting the forgiveness of God. It would take them only an instant to turn to recognize wherein their forgiveness lies. But the Muslims would have to make a complete turn from works righteousness to forgiveness righteousness - a much more difficult thing. Because of this, Israel Protection is much stronger than Muslim Protection, even though both groups are descended from the great patriarch, Abraham, and even though both groups are losing their Protection.

Where do Christians fit in? Christians are essential converts to the belief of forgiveness like the people of Israel. In fact, Christians have even better Protection than Israelites because, Christians acknowledge the true Messiah, Jesus the Christ (Christ means Messiah).

Here is why the Christians are losing their Protection. It is because they are losing their faith. They are not as ready to place their trust in God's Word, the Bible, and in God's other Word, Jesus, Himself. Modern Christians want to combine the teachings of Satan - often forms of New Age Spiritualism - and teachings of science that contradict the Bible - might include directly attempting to use spiritual quantum entanglement - rather than simply going to God firmly through prayer.

Because of all of the above, Christians, Jews and Muslims alike are having lots of problems in this life. So is everyone else... those who are not of the 3 mentioned groups, like orientals. But, at least, the orientals and others have the excuse of not having the truth available to them. So, when the big 3 have the truth, and reject the truth, it's going to go much harder on them. Their Protection is departing from them as they depart from Him.

Comment by Henry Bowman
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Linking to an article on a PAY SITE is LAME.

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