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The Family SHTF Operations Manual

•, by Col. H.
SurvivalBlog provides a wealth of prep-related information. Many here cut and paste critical essays to store as Word documents for safekeeping and later access when crisis times call for it. I suggest going one step further. Build a structured notebook of your family's prep information, with each topic index tabbed for easy access and available for all family-tribe members to consult when the need arrives. Let this notebook become your family's SHTF collapse response manual, your SOP for surviving a collapse.

People panic and make fatal errors under crisis when they do not have enough information and do not know what to do. The most critical prep is: having a plan: knowing now what you will do when "it" happens. Prepping may be described as having a structured plan based on an adequate scope and depth of information. Having a comprehensive plan... in writing... becomes your critical survival tool. That plan needs to be written out on old-fashioned paper and indexed by topic in a notebook that everyone on your team can access. 

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