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Have you been asked about guns by your doctor?

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A VERY disturbing visit to the doctor yesterday!!! I filled out a pretty standard questionnaire that the nurse proceeded to input into the computer. As she went along verifying the information with me, she began to ask additional questions that were nowhere on the questionnaire that I had completed. Some of the more surprising ones were : "Do you have firearms in your home?" and, "Is there domestic violence in your home?"

Needless to say, I didn't answer these questions and asked a few myself. "What kind of form is this?," "Is this a government form?," "Is this tied to Obamacare?"

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Comment by Henry Bowman
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Let's see -- it happened to "a friend," the doctor is not named, the patient is not named, the city is not named, and no date is given. How many "urban legend flags" do we ignore before calling bullshit on the whole posting?