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The Real Reason The Federal Government Is Coming Around On Marijuana Legalization

 John McCain has also done an about face on Marijuana, changing his position from one of marijuana being ‘a harmful drug that needs to be kept illegal at all costs’ to one of an admission that ‘maybe it’s time to legalize’.

Why the change of heart from these members of the Federal government?

It’s because they are beaten and they don’t want you or I to know it.
Let’s get one thing straight, Eric Holder and his Federal government counterparts aren’t ‘allowing’ for anything.  The states have already done what they want and the Feds simply can’t do anything about it.  The Feds don’t want you or I to see it this way because if we did we would recognize that the states have the real power in this country and that the Federal government is weak when the states stand up to it.  The powers that be are scared to death that Americans may eventually come to this conclusion on most every issue (and we will) as it will end the top down power structure they have been trying to instill in our minds for so many years.

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