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Al-Sisi’s a Jew! Egypt is Now Israeli-Occupied Territory

•, Kevin Barrett
 They just stole the Nile.

The problem is not that Egypt’s new thug-in-chief, General Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi, is a Jew. (His mother, Malikah Titani, is a Moroccan Jew from Asefi, which makes al-Sisi a Jew and an automatic citizen of Israel.)

If the Egyptian people want to elect a Jew president in a free and fair election – like they elected the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) to the Lower House with 73% of the vote, the Upper House with 80% of the vote, the presidency with 52% of the vote, and approved the MB Constitution with 64% of the vote – that’s fine with me.

The problem is that al-Sisi has concealed his Jewish identity and Israeli connections from the Egyptian people…and destroyed their nascent democracy through deception and mass murder.

An even bigger problem: al-Sisi is almost certainly a Mossad agent. That means al-Sisi’s Egypt is not just a brutal, banana-republic-style dictatorship. It is Israeli-occupied territory: The newest and largest province of ever-expanding Greater Israel.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Comment by Ken Sutter
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 A REAL Jew doesn't recognize the State of Israel. They know full well its the Zionist Jews that are the problem. The "Rich men of the World", The "phony Jews", the Khazarian Jews.

So Robert, looks like you're spreading propaganda for the bad guys... 

Comment by J E Andreasen
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Arabic Media has a well-earned international reputation for being almost entirely fiction.  The level of brash, paranoid fraud is extraordinarily comical, but, sadly often ends in innocents being killed, both arab and non-arab, alike.  There really is a cultural pathology in it.

Mu - ha - ha - ha!!!!

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Rugalov: Alexei. Rugalov.

Count Dracula: No, Alexei. I bit your mother, and your grandmother.

Love at First Bite (1979)






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