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"You Know How to Leave": Scenes from a Police Riot in Idaho Falls

•, William Norman Grigg
 Madrigal had triggered that response by moving to comply with the officer’s unconstitutional demand that he produce his driver’s license. Seconds later, Madrigal – who put up no resistance – was being swarmed by police as his brother Delosanto (known to friends and family as Dindo) was writhing on the floor as a result of an unprovoked Taser strike.
Madrigal, a resident of Idaho Falls, Idaho, was not a criminal suspect, nor had he been accused of a traffic violation. He and his wife Alissa were having a Saturday evening barbecue on August 31st to celebrate their daughter’s sixth birthday, and a woman who lives a block and a half away from their home called to complain about the noise. None of the family’s immediate neighbors was troubled by the festivities. Chantal Meek, a young mother who lives next door, had no complaints about the party, but was terrorized when two cops burst into her home with their guns drawn after Lund called for backup.

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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I don't trust any of these drones with a gun and a badge, however it does appear that the people created the situation to begin with and ended up with the out come to be expected. Unfortunately many people do not make this connection. I thought the police were being very reasonable asking them to keep the noise down or take it inside, not like they were living out in the boonies, at 11PM. This would be just common sense as well as common courtesy and respect for others in their community. The fool that started getting ugly and cursing at these officers, what the hell did he expect. All that needed to be done was to tune it down and comply and these corporate officers would have left, but the fool decided he wanted to get ugly and this was the end result as well as getting a few others also arrested because of his choice.As much as I don't like or trust the majority of these drones with guns and badges, I would have to side with them from the evidence of the video and I am not a racist. Hopefully this man and the people involved will wake up to the reality of the universal laws, but most likely not and will continue blaming everyone and everything else for his problems.

PS: I certainly didn't agree with the drones decision to write out a citation. This was about quotas and generating revenue. They were there to address the disturbance complaint and resolve the issue with a warning or understanding. No need for a ticket or  added expense for anyone under the circumstances.


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