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Ancient Egypt in Illinois?

Black market relics found in the region depict Egyptian pharaohs, Moorish sailors, Christ on the cross, Jewish warriors, and Roman military imagery. Further, runes from artifacts found in Illinois, Michigan, California and Utah talk about migrations of people from the Middle East, Kimball said. Great copper m

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Comment by Ed Price
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While it is probably entirely true, that the REAL HISTORY OF THE WORLD has been hidden from us by those in power, and that the history of the world as is taught in elementary and high schools is EXTREMELY lacking, remember one thing. Check it all out before believing. Why?

Go to the science fiction section of any library, and look at all the foolish words that the sci-fi authors have written. Lots of words. And they, themselves, have admitted that it is all fiction.

So, check things out well. There's a lot of fiction out there, both in the "orthodox" history that we have been taught, and that is commonly taught in our schools, and in the alternate history such as is being brought up in this article.

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