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The New World Order – Doing God’s Work by Killing the Bad Seed

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Could there really be a group of people who are intent on our destruction? Yes. And they believe that they are doing God’s work. In fact, they have set themselves up as judge, jury and executioner, and the only ones qualified to determine just who deserves to live and who deserves to die. 

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Comment by Ed Price
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Thanks, Barbara. And thanks, FP. You have given me the impetus to show you a piece of the greatest philosophy in the whole world. I call it the Sewing Machine Philosophy. It's little lengthy, but it's worth it. Here it is, and how it applies to the world.

Place your sewing machine on the table. Yes, your regular sewing machine. The one that you use to make your curtains, and sometimes clothes or Halloween costumes for the kids. Maybe it's a Singer, or maybe some other, less well known brand. (Don't do this with one of those heirloom machines, that is a hundred or more years old, and that is worth a lot of money as an antique.)

Then go to your workshop... the one in your garage or basement, where you have all your power tools and such, and get your hammer. No, not your claw hammer, that you use for pounding and pulling nails. Get your three-pounder (or your two-pounder if the three-pounder is a little heavy for you). It looks like a baby sledge hammer... a sledge hammer with a short handle that is about a foot long.

Next, go back to your kitchen, and spend 10 minutes pounding your sewing machine into little pieces. Don't hold back. Have at it, fast and hard, so that at the end of the 10 minutes, you are sweating with exhaustion. Wear safety glasses.

Now comes the fun part (You thought hammering was fun, didn't you?). Build yourself a new sewing machine from scratch. Don't buy the new one... build it. And build it from REAL scratch... mine the ores from which to get the metals; smelt the ores to get the purified metals; find some crude oil from which to make the plastics, or use plant esters to make the plastic polymers; and if you use any machine tools to machine the parts, the machine tools need to be built from scratch, as well. And etcetera.

So, how long would it take you to make a new sewing machine that way? A year? A hundred years? You would never get it made?

Life is a very, very difficult thing to make. There probably aren't any scientists anywhere that have created life from scratch, so to speak, in the test tube or anywhere else. I mean like, FROM REAL SCRATCH. Where they have put a bunch of basic materials into some man-made embryonic chamber and zapped life into it.

Some scientists may have created something similar to life. They may have created, from scratch, something that resembles life a little. But I am willing to bet that nobody has actually created life itself. However, if they have, it is extremely rudimentary, and dies shortly after being made alive.

I'm not talking about reactivating something that was alive moments ago. I am not talking about taking some biologic material that was part of a living being at one time, and reactivating it so that is alive again. I am not talking about machining the parts for the sewing machine with already-built machine tools. Rather, I am talking about doing it all from scratch - the way many scientists think that nature must have done it, but with scientific INTENT. The fact is that science is having a difficult time re-animating something that was alive a few minutes ago, but is dead now.

Probably science hasn't figured out a way to cause a human body to re-grow a finger that has been cut off (not re-attaching the finger, but growing a new one right out of the person's body). In areas that they have stimulated some animals to re-grow certain limbs, the process was already in the animal, and they simply stimulated it into activity.

There you have it. The Sewing Machine Philosophy. But how does it relate to the world? What's the purpose of writing this comment? The purpose is to give you hope. The purpose is this.

In the article, Barbara Peterson talks about one Alice Bailey, who wrote that the population destructions of the WWII era were necessary to reduce the world's population, to usher in a New World Order. Yet, the New World Order Bailey talks about isn't in place and operating the way Bailey said it is supposed to operate, even after almost 70 years.

According to the "World Population" page of Wikipedia - - on the chart about half way down the page, the world population in 1950 was about 2 and a half billion. Today the population is something over 7 billion.

Now, let's apply the Sewing Machine Philosophy. Get out your machine gun (or your three pounder) and shoot (smash) a bunch of people dead. Easy, right? But not so easy to re-make them from scratch, right?

Yet, here is the design (Designer) of nature, making countless gazillions of living units, in multiple thousands of different kinds of species, throughout the whole world.

The strength of the bad guys (and gals) is so extremely weak, that they can't do the easy thing... kill off the population of the world. (Certainly they couldn't do the hard thing if they wanted... make people from scratch.) Their strength is so weak, that the design of nature to continue to populate the world is way better at doing the impossibly hard thing - populating the world - than the destroyers are able to do the easy thing - destroy the populations.

So, when you talk about the destruction of people in the world, remember that we are winning. Sure, the battle may be hard, many of us may die, and the war may go on for a long time. But we are winning. Take heart. We are slowly overcoming all the destroyers of population around the whole world! The world is being populated more and more all the time, despite what anyone thinks he or she can do about it.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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