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Top US banker charged with rape of Irish student

A SENIOR United States banker has been charged with the brutal rape of an Irish J1 student in the bathroom of a luxury home in New York.Jason Lee, who is a managing director of the leading investment banking firm Goldman Sachs, appeared in a US court on Friday where he was charged by the state with first- degree rape. If found guilty, Mr Lee faces up to 25 years in prison. The accused man was initially arrested a month ago after the Irish student accused him of attacking her at a house he had been renting in the upmarket area of the Hamptons.The alleged incident is said to have taken place in the bathroom of the $33,000-a-month summer house on Long Island

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money buys freedom period! $100,000 to post bail? No big deal. Pocket change, while thousands are locked up for non victim so called crimes because they can't even raise $10 for their freedom. No, we don't have debtors prisons do we?