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Here come the 3D-printed 3D printers

 Amoebas are able to self-replicate, just like a RepRap 3D printer can print parts of itself and essentially create a whole new RepRap machine. The RepRap project, short for "replicating rapid prototype," was first started in 2005 by British engineer Adrian Bowyer. It has since sprouted into a massive, open-source community of RepRappers who continue to create, innovate and refine with each mistake and success.

Nicholas Seward, creator of Concept Forge, is one such RepRapper who successfully created his own 3D printers, which were shown at this year's Maker Faire. His creations, the Morgan, Simpson (top pic) and Wally (bottom pic), are aimed at making 3D RepRap printers virtually vitamin-free. (No, not those kind of vitamins that a human body needs.) Vitamins are parts that cannot be 3D-printed, like wiring, bolts and other essential components.

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