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Stewart Rhodes on Coast 2 Coast (Video)

• Oath Keepers
J.B. Wells was right in there on this one. Coast To Coast listeners - the largest radio listening audience in America - got a generous serving about the police state's use of "emergencies" and the International banksters' capability to create sufficiently grandiose emergencies if needed. This is Stewart Rhodes up close and personal, candid and free, answering John B. Wells' sharp-shooting questions and expounding the way only Stewart Rhodes can do. We urge all Oath Keepers to enjoy this full C2C session.

Stewart Rhodes, founder and President of Oath Keepers, argued that there’s a relentless campaign going on to centralize power, militarize the police, and strip power out of the hands of average citizens. This kind of situation sets people up for a dictatorship, such as seen in Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany, he remarked. Rhodes believes that economic collapse and the ensuing chaos will be used to accelerate the centralizing of power, and the scrapping of the US Constitution.

Stewart also discusses what people need to do now to counter that assault and to prepare for what is coming.

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