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Notes from the Border - by A.X. Perez

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John Kerry predictably signed the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty. This pact is seen as a threat by many (including most readers of this missive and the author) as a threat to the constitutionally guaranteed right of free Americans, hell of free people everywhere, to acquire, possess, and commonly carry while going about their honest business, whatever personal weapons they opine they need to protect their lives, loved ones, liberty, property, and, yes, whatever body(ies) politic to which they choose to bestow their allegiance. The Senate will all but surely refuse to ratify it.  ...

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Comment by Ed Price
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If you are walking down the street, and you pass the town bully going the other way, and if the bully says "Hi, how are you" in a friendly way, and then passes you by with a "Have a nice day," are you really free from the bully? I mean, if the bully had decided to beat the crap out of you rather than treat you pleasantly, what would you have done? If you lived, you might be out of the hospital by now.

In other words, are any of the free, unarmed people around you really free? Or is it that the bully has simply decided to be nice all these years, and you have only thought you are free?

If we don't wake up soon, and see that the freedom we have without arms is all a sham freedom, we're going to wind up being raped and murdered, and forced into wholesale slavery, by those we have thought were there to protect us.

Wake up!

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