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Andrew Ross Sorkin Unmasks as Leading Occupy Wall Street’s (Three Star Restaurants)By William K. Bla

ARS waits for the dessert course and his order provides the second clue, but the aristocrats are the last people in the world who would understand it. ARS order pear and cheese as his dessert course as an homage to the famous Italian saying: “Al contadino non far sapere quanto è buono il formaggio con le pere” (Do not let the peasant know how good cheese is with pears). ARS, the brave undercover representative of the 99 percent, orders the signature dish of the one percent’s privilege in order to mock the aristocrat with whom he dines. ARS’ order of the forbidden dish – the dish that the elites must prevent the peasants from learning about – symbolizes his revolutionary nature and goals. ARS appears to embrace privilege in order to subvert it. ARS secretly leads the “Occupy Wall Street’s (Three Star Restaurants)” movement.