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The Real Story of Moses and the Ten Suggestions

• Bob Podolsky

Editor’s Foreword

It has been several years since the author of this piece approached me with news of the discovery of the Salton Sea Scroll.  For reasons that may become clear in the context of the scroll’s content, he wishes to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals from various members of religious officialdom.  Yet there is much that can be said of him of which the reader should be aware.  For convenience I will refer to him by the pseudonym of, “Dr. Smith”.

Educated as a biblical-archeologist at a prestigious university in Utah, Dr. Smith is the son of a Mormon elder.  A brilliant gentleman of mature years he has professed a lifelong curiosity about the origins of his birth-religion; and indeed has evinced a noteworthy skepticism about the Old and New Testament explications of Judeo-Christian dogma and tradition.  Accordingly he became a scholar of this tradition, studying in depth the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Torah, the Talmud, and the Koran.  Since the release of the content of the Dead Sea Scrolls he has studied them intensely as well.  An exceptional linguist, Dr. Smith speaks ten modern languages and has become a fluent translator of ancient languages, including the earliest forms of Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, Ugaritic, and their antecedents.

As a result of his studies, Dr. Smith Became convinced in 1969 that the considerations that led to the creation and preservation of the Dead Sea Scrolls must surely have also resulted in the creation and preservation of related material somewhere on the North American continent. His resulting search took him first to the Salt Lake valley in Utah; then to Death Valley on the California-Nevada border. How he found the Salton Sea Scroll in the Imperial Valley region of southeastern California will be the subject of another story altogether.  Needless to say it was a long and difficult task and in the end he was lucky.

Not being a biblical archeology scholar myself, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of Dr. Smith’s translation of the Salton Sea Scroll; however the content is so provocative that I have chosen to publish it without making extended efforts to verify either its accuracy or its origin.  To those who read it I would suggest you evaluate its message on its own merit without recourse to attributions of authority or lack of it.

Robert E. Podolsky
Eugene, Oregon

June, 1998
The Real Story of Moses and the Ten Suggestions

As Related by Adam Kadmon

As I record these words our leader, Moses, just returned from the Mountain of Wonder, is telling our people the story of his sojourn with God during which Moses was given the stone tablets which reveal God’s will concerning his people.  For three days and nights I have sat with him in his tent with the flaps closed while the people awaited the news of his journey.  To me he said, “Adam Kadmon, it is to you that I will tell my story first; for I know you and trust you to report it accurately.  In the years to come many will tell it the way they wish I had said it, rather than as it really was.  So heed my words and record them truly.” Thus it is to me that the great honor has befallen of recording truly for all future generations the tale of Moses’ conversation with the Great One; so here it is, in his own words even as he spoke them to me.

Long have we wandered in the wilderness hoping the Great One would lead us to a fertile and hospitable land that we could call our own.  But we seem to be as far from that dream today as the day we left the kingdom of Pharaoh.   So it is that I decided to climb to the heights of the nearby Mountain of Wonder, there to fast, to consider our plight, and to ask God’s help in drawing this long and perilous journey to a successful conclusion.


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