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Why The Government Should Fund Unpopular Science

 In April, President Obama announced, to much fanfare, that the government would spend $100 million on a detailed map of the human brain and how its neurons interact. The project is a waste of money. Brain mapping is well funded by public and private sources, and the feds should instead spend your dough on important things that business won't.

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I think that the govt. should be spending money on entertainment that nobody else wants to fund, but I don't have the word Dumbass stamped on my forehead like this writer :)  Either man is meant to be free or not.  If so, he has to be economically free to keep his money and spend it on what he wants.  If somebody wants him to spend it on scientific research, he has to make a sales pitch and offer a deal for splitting the profits. It's called duh, I forget :) Ride the dinosaurs at the Denver Mart at 

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