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The Basis of All Knowledge? Australia’s Stonehenge May Re-Write World History

•, Steven & Evan Strong
 ”[1] Countless hours were spent measuring and drawing a huge variety of stone arrangements, alignments and engravings placed above and beside a series of “terraces”[2] and “mounds.”[3]

This ancient complex, according to Slater, formed “the basis of all knowledge, all science, all history and all forms of writing, which began in numeration.”[4]

Our initial tasks are simple: examine and assess the work and notes of Slater and his colleague and compare this to available archaeology and geography, oral testimonies of Original and non-Original people past and present, and as always, consult with Original Elders and Custodians before embarking upon such a daunting investigation.
We also intend to pick up from where the two men left off. First and foremost it would seem Slater’s recommended next target, the smaller 70 metre mound, is deserving of discreet excavation. Consisting of material foreign to the region, Slater claimed that the nearest site able to cater for the sandstone tonnage on site is “14 miles” away.[6] If he is correct, questions relating to extraction, metal blades and transportation in a land of sticks and stones technology need to be addressed.

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Comment by Ed Price
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If you had built it, and if it were "the Basis of All Knowledge," then why would you have not remained with it, except that you went on to even greater things? Did you just leave? Did you die? If you died, was there not enough knowledge in it to keep you alive?

Someone went to a lot of work and then left. Why? Just for the fun of it? More than likely, all of the "All Knowledge" is something that people just can't keep... like the knowledge and control of the 7 ancient wonders of the world.

Time for us to move on towards the REAL basis of all knowledge that we CAN keep... the faith and love that comes from the God of the Bible alone.