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Nairobi mall massacre first responders were NOT gov't employees,...they were gun club members

• New York Times
Note from submitter of news item: Notice in the attached picture that the kneeling man pointing upward is wearing a "photographer's vest" with an IDPA patch on the left breast. (International Defensive Pistol Association)  He is also wearing shooting glasses. This is the typical "range uniform" worn by many participants in the sport of simulated combat pistol shooting, which has participants not just in the U.S., but many countries throughout the world. Although not specifically mentioned in this NYT article, reports are filtering through the world of the private gun culture that the particular gun club these responding members belong to is the Nairobi IDPA/IPSC league. (International Practical Shooting Confederation). As a former competitor in this sport myself, many of the greatest practitioners of  combat pistol technique frequent these clubs, and also train some of the most elite soldiers and police in the world. Even the most average competitor in such clubs are far more advanced in skill above most soldiers or police officers.

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